Wednesday, April 09, 2008

An Obama Minute

Definitely an Innovative way of money making, but too much theatrical. Obama is clearly ahead in Internet campaigning than Clinton, may be this explains why the youth prefers him more than Clinton.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Happiness at the misfortune of others; it cant be anything other than GERMAN.aint it!

Berkshire Hathaway -

Lists the Fortunes Top 20 Most Admired companies. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway is Ranked No.4; Just out of curiosity I google’d to check out their website. Here’s what the No.4’s website looks like.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Salaam –e –Ishq

SOPORIFIC !! boring and disgusting …though good in patches, this film is like never ending , dragged to the extreme and tests the patience of the movie goer to the limit. I went just because of Vidya Balan, and she has delivered. Akshay Khanna and Govinda have put in some brilliant performances. Other than that, the movie is a total dud.

Monday, January 22, 2007

THE SEVEN SAMURAI (Shichinin no samurai )

Akira Kurosava movie- that says it all. I rate this a notch above ‘Rashomon’. Hollywood reworked this one into ‘Magnificent Seven’. The plot is about a small peasant community recruiting seven warriors to save them from bandits. What I liked about the movie is the way it depicts the ‘Human Spirit’ to fight and stay alive.
It’s a must watch if you’r are a serious movie buff.


Yeah, let me scribble a bit more on this one. GORY to say the least..Is there any word of higher degree than that? Visual Spectacle , slick direction and amazingly poised. The movie leaves you with lasting images of chopped off heads, corpses lying around and astonishing violence. I have seen lotz of bloodstained movies, but haven’t seen anything like this yet. There is scene with shows blood oozing out of half cut brain..eewww…this aint for the light hearted.
Movie talks about Mayan Civilization and its suppression of the other independent and small groups of people living in the forest. The Mayans relentless greed and hunger for bloodshed leads them to capture these small groups. They are intended to be human sacrifices to the SUN god. And from this suppression arises the ‘Jaguar Paw’.
The way the mighty civilization hunts down itz small and weaker counterparts prompts myself to ask one q- Isn’t the same that’s happening now. The human tendency to oppress remains the same – Iraq, Afghan, Vietnam. Open your eyes, the characters might have changed but the attributes remains the same.
Mel Gibson’s command over the movie is quite superb. It’s technically perfect gripping human drama with grotesque humour in between. Forget about Gibson’s anti Semitism and his drinking problems, he is such a stunning and serious movie maker. The movie speaks Mayan dialect –like his Aramaic Passion of Christ – which makes it all the more expressive.
Now, what are you waiting for ?...Go and watch this !!!


Millions might have reviewed this, All I wanna say is, I have seem better movies from Mani. Entertainer- YES with average Quality. Recommended for viewing ONCE.


Am I suffering from that?. Sometimes I feel so. Or is it am in too much in love with my laptop and nano. This relentless surfing is leaving me restless. To add to that lack of any serious physical activity –read sports – is leaving me accidious. So, I’ve decided to pen something here , may be u find them soporific. ;)..